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Swimwear Science - The Shape of You

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Choosing the right swimwear is an important decision to ensure comfort and foster confidence. Let’s state the obvious. Bodies come in many shapes, sizes, and colors- all having unique features to highlight. We each need different levels of coverage and support. I mean a poor fitting suit can be a detriment to society. Imagine the embarrassment of having a nip slip on the beach or a diaper butt when you get out of the water. Nashville-based swimwear designer, Victoria Jones, is going to share the best tips for choosing a swimsuit that gives you comfort and confidence so you can look and feel your best.

Body Types

Before we get into it, we need to know your body shape. There are five body shapes- triangle, round, hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle. Bluntly speaking, we all carry our weight in different areas. If you don’t know your body type, refer to the diagram.

Okay, now that you’ve got an idea of the different body shapes, lets get into how to style every body unique to it's figure.

If you have a triangle body shape, accentuate your bust.

Triangle body types have full hips with a slim waist and narrow shoulders. If this is you, try a push up or a bandeau bikini top with a medium to low coverage bikini bottom. If you have shorter legs, you can make them appear longer with a high cut bikini bottomAvoid bottoms that have too much coverage because they will flatten your figure.

If you have a round body shape, accentuate your bust and snatch your waist.

Round body types have a wider  waist and narrow shoulders. If this is you, try a push up or sports bra style bikini top with a high waisted bottom. Avoid halter tops because they will emphasize the rounded shape. If you have shorter legs, you can make them appear longer with a high cut bikini bottomAvoid bottoms that have too much fabric because they will give you a diaper butt when you get out of the water. If you want to snatch your arms, try a long sleeved swim shirt.

If you have an hourglass body shape, draw attention to your waist.

Hourglass body types have a slim waist with a full bust and full hips. Pair a high cut bikini bottom with a triangle bikini top or rock an asymmetrical one piece that enhances your curves to flaunt your perfectly-proportioned figure.

If you have a rectangle body shape, emphasize your hips.

Rectangle body types are slim with equally wide shoulders and hips. You can enhance your hips with side tie bikini bottoms or high-waisted bikini bottoms. Go for a triangle bikini top for minimal tan lines or a push-up for extra support. Avoid low waisted bottoms and stripes because they will make your hips appear wider.

If you have an inverted-triangle body shape, bring focus to your lower body.

Inverted-triangle body types have broad shoulders and narrow hips. A plunging V-neck one piece would visually subtract from the width of your shoulders. If you prefer a two piece, a low-waisted bottom with stripes would widen the appearance of your hips. Pair with a halter top to minimize the width of your shoulders. Avoid square straps and stripes on your top because they will widen your shoulders.


Choosing the perfect swimwear is serious business. Let us do it for you! Take The Perfect Fit Swimwear Quiz and we’ll email you a personalized style guide for your body type. You can sit back and relax in swimwear pieces that hug in all the right places.



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